Launches Dual-Function Tool for Detecting and Humanizing AI Content

California, US, 26th June 2024, ZEX PR WIRE,, a leading provider of essay writing and editing services, proudly announces the launch of its innovative dual-function tool for AI detection and human writing enhancement. 

This tool combines advanced artificial intelligence detection capabilities with a powerful content humanizer feature, setting a new standard in content creation.

Dual Functionality Content Humanizer and AI Detector Tool’s content humanizer and AI detection tool excels in both human writing enhancement as well as AI detection. This tool provides a comprehensive solution for modern content needs.

The tool’s simple-to-use interface allows easy navigation for users of all skill levels. Being accessible online, it requires no downloads or installations, effortlessly integrating into users’ daily workflows.

How Dual Functionality Works

  1. Users can first check their content using the AI detection feature to know the overall AI% of their content and identify segments generated by AI. 

  2. Once detected, these segments can be converted into human-like text by clicking on the “humanize” option then and there.  

This dual functionality ensures that users can detect and humanize AI content with great accuracy and transparency at the same time.’s AI Detecting Tool

The AI detection feature employs algorithm analysis to identify AI-generated text accurately. This capability is essential for maintaining the authenticity of academic, professional, and personal communications. 

By distinguishing between human and bot detection, users can ensure their work remains credible and trustworthy.


  • Accurate and quick data pattern recognition

  • Easy-to-understand AI authenticity reports

  • Real-time detection results

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation’s AI Humanizer

Complementing the AI detection functionality, the humanizer tool offers a suite of features designed to improve the quality of human writing. Users benefit from advanced grammar, style, and readability improvements without changing the context. 

This tool helps users produce clear, effective, and polished humanized content, whether for academic purposes, professional documents, or creative writing.


  • Advanced and improved grammar and style

  • Readability enhancements via Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Context-preserving rewrites

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Adds emotional connection

  • Downloadable outputs

Pricing & Availability

Now, let’s talk about what matters – pricing & availability. 

Here’s the deal: It’s Totally Free! Yup, no catch. 

Plus, it’s conveniently accessible online, so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

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